If you are designing a new website or planning to update an existing site it is well worth considering adding a blog section.

Adding a blog to your site is not going to magically get you more business (it can but takes a lot of work and commitment). However, undertaken properly, blogging can significantly enhance your visibility online and here are some reasons why: 

  • 20 ideas to inspire your blog - The Marketing Studio NelsonContent can help your business be seen online.
  • It’s great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – improve your organic search engine efforts in-turn driving traffic to your website.
  • You can use it to build trust and rapport with your clients (and potential clients).
  • You can show you are knowledgeable and a trusted source in your field.
  • Build business reputation.
  • Create business leads.

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Feeling bereft of ideas for blog posts? Our friends at airsquare have put together 20 great ideas to inspire your blog, read on...

  1. Introduce your company - your products, clients, logo, design, latest news etc.
  2. Outline new developments in your company - what inspired them? What benefits do they give?
  3. Boast - obviously keep this to a minimum, but talk about great things your company has achieved and/or recent awards received.
  4. Personal reviews of books/websites/other blogs/products related to your business
  5. Comment on topical issues - what’s in the news? Current sports events?
  6. Comment on seasonal stuff - Christmas/Halloween/school holidays/winter etc.
  7. Advertise product promotions that your company is offering
  8. Provide helpful lists/tips that would interest your client base
  9. Subscribe to competitor blogs and review what they are doing and what is topical
  10. Poll your followers on relevant hot topics
  11. Blog about social media - how-to guides, useful tips you have learnt along the way with regards to your business etc.
  12. Share some non-business related stuff too - life issues, your favourite things/places/what inspires you/work-life balance/ your opinions etc.
  13. Report on recent conferences you've attended/presented at
  14. Share media - photos/videos/stats/info-graphics that you’ve enjoyed or found helpful
  15. Recommend other blogs
  16. Write an opinion piece or initiate a debate on the pros and cons of an issue
  17. Post a “...for beginners” piece
  18. Post an informative article in your area of expertise
  19. Interview clients/partners
  20. Brainstorm with your team for further ideas!

Ultimately, ask yourself, “what do my clients want to hear?” and bring it to them.

Here's another great article with 20 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts by Darren Rowse.

Happy blogging!