Logo and Branding Design Nelson

At the cornerstone of your business is your brands visual identity and the foundation on which your branding is based. This all starts with your visual messaging. Your logo plays a big part in this, but it is only one cog in the wheel. Your brand colours, the typography you use, the images and people within them, and the style in which all these elements are presented through all mediums, all play a part in your visual branding. What makes your company valuable? How does it stand out? How do your core values influence your brand’s style and voice? Clearly defining and redefining your brand identity will provide you with necessary tools for communication and growth - interested in finding out more? Contact us for a free no obligation chat today.

Here are a few examples of brands we have worked with: 

Furniture Gallery Blenheim
Haven Realty Nelson
Golden Bay Botanicals
Jeremy Walsh
Gentle Dental Nelson
Bikefest Nelson