Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Nelson New Zealand

Search Engine Optimisation for your website improves your visibility!

SEO comes after launching a website. Without it, very few people are going to find your website. With it you have the potential to acquire new costumers 24 hours a day, every day. An optimised website is going to appear in the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo and represents a high quality source for the particular topic. There are many aspects that are part of SEO and the following are just a few that The Marketing Studio address:

Onpage optimisation:

  • Identify the 3 most important key phrases for your website
  • Change the content appropriately
  • Set links throughout your website

Offpage optimisation:

  • Link building
  • Add your website to Analytics in order to measure your success
  • Training on how to read Analytics and use it for your optimisation
  • Submit your website to the major local and international search engines and directories

Conversion Optimisation

Higher conversions are going to increase your sales, bookings or visits!

Conversion optimisation is not just going to help your sales, but your SEO strategy! Search engines reward websites with high conversion rates because it means it is user friendly! If a user finds what he/she needs on your website easily, then a search engine is likely to improve your ranking!

What we can do to optimise your conversions:

  • Identify why you have a website and what you want potential customers to do with it
  • Create a call-to-action

Usability Scope: 

  • Does the user find information easily?
  • Is the design and layout confusing?

It is not only important to direct clients to your website, but not to loose them afterwards! Don't reinvent the wheel, but use simple and easy to use designs and processes!

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Google Adwords

The Marketing Studio can create your Google Adwords account for you to generate additional traffic to your website! Google ads are paid ads that you don't have to pay per impression but per click! It can therefore be a very cheap and effective way to generate new visitors: You only pay when you have a visit! If the ads are set up correctly they don't only lead to visits but to conversions.

We are going to make sure to...

  • Maximize conversions and ROI
  • Minimize Cost Per Click
  • Develop and optimise landing pages
  • Research and select keywords
  • Monitor and report

If Google is not enough The Marketing Studio can also set up and manage your Facebook ads