Social Media Services Nelson New Zealand

What is social media and why is it relevant for every business? 

Social media is a powerful tool to earn the trust of your customers! If they follow you on the internet and like what you have to say, they are more likely to buy your products or use your services! 

The greatest advantages of social media! Social media allows you to:

  • Interact with your fans and clients
  • Receive feedback (positive or negative: both valuable for your improvement)
  • Publish in real time
  • Be innovative
  • Learn from your competition
  • Measure your success
  • And much more!

How We Can Help You!

THE MARKETING STUDIO will discuss your needs and expectations to create a detailed social media strategy.

We will help you to setup and/or optimise: Facebook personal profile, Facebook business page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn personal profile or business page, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

After setting up your social media accounts we will give you one-on-one training and make sure that you can use these powerful platforms effectively.

Facebook Advertising and Promotions

Why use Facebook Advertising?

You can scarcely afford to ignore Facebook when it comes to advertising, it’s the world’s largest and widest-reaching social network. As a marketing and advertising tool, Facebook is the best friend of small business owners and global brands alike.

It has very smart custom audience targeting features. Facebook tracks online activity, it knows exactly which Facebook users may be interested in an advertiser’s products or services.

For example, Facebook would be an ideal marketing platform for a women's fashion clothing store looking to target middle-aged women who enjoy shopping and fashion, and live in a certain geographic area. 

Facebook is an extremely powerful platform for small businesses to engage with their existing customers and grow leads and sales through targeted advertising.  But you need to do it the RIGHT way!

THE MARKETING STUDIO can help you with Facebook advertising and promotions and also assist you with set-up and implementation of campaigns on all the different social media platforms.

Contact us for a free quote and we are happy to help you with your social media!