3 Marketing things to consider during COVID-19

  • Chris Butler

1.  Communicate with your Staff

We put this top of the list, as your staff are the lifeblood of your business. Keep them informed of your plans, not only for their own safety but also how you intend to continue to provide your product and service to customers either during shut down, if possible, or your planned recovery. If they have a clear vision of how you will manage customers, they will be able to operate with confidence and communicate with customers clearly.

Obviously there are some businesses that will be going through a pretty tough time. We can only suggest, don’t be afraid to seek help and advice from your local business support offices. This may be your local Chamber of Commerce, Business Development Support offices, Business Advisors or Government Business Support Offices. They are there to help and you won’t be the only one going through this. We are happy to try and point you in the right direction if required.

 2. Reassure customers

It is very important to keep up communications with your customers. Reassure them of the measures you are taking to ensure their safety when dealing with your organisation. A big part of customers continuing to do business with you is their confidence in you being able to provide a service that meets their needs in a safe manner. Also, by keeping in touch during the lock down period, you will be top of mind when things come back on stream.

 3. Think outside the box

There is no doubt that businesses who are able to provide a click and collect or delivery type service, can maintain some business during this time. And although not every businesses is in that position, you will have to think about how you communicate with your customers. Most of this will be online.  Here are some things to consider:-

  • Do you have the online tools for you to be able to communicate with your customers efficiently?
  • What does your online profile look like? Now that online visitation and communication is going to be highter, your online presence will become your shop window.
  • How can you deliver to your clients? For instance is there a way they can see what you have available online and be able to click/buy/order and have delivered or available to collect?
  • How can people pay for your products &  services other than in-store purchase? Do you have an online payment system set up so customers can easily pay you?
  • Do you have a strong social media presence and a communication plan to keep your existing and new customers up to date with the latest news?
  • Do you have the ability to communicate easily with your database? Send an E-News etc…..?

To reinforce, keep communicating with your customers and your staff. You can only put your best foot forward and control the controllables but doing or saying nothing, nothing will happen. Keeping in front of your customers will give them every opportunity to use product and services where at all possible.

During this period we are offering clients a FREE marketing session via Skype or Zoom. Not only to discuss your current situation but also to plan for future marketing. We are told we are in for the long haul, so having a plan will assist in adapting to now and future market conditions.

We wish you the very best in these trying times and we are only a click away if you need any advice or assistance.

About Chris Butler

Chris is a Marketing Consultant and is based in Nelson, New Zealand. On moving back to his hometown of Nelson after a stint in Australia, Chris identified a service in the market place to assist business owners and managers with their marketing effort. He saw first-hand how many business owner/managers didn’t really have the time to plan or implement their promotional activity to its full potential, and although they knew their trade very well, were not experienced in marketing. The Marketing Studio was created to fill that need and has a comprehensive growing list of clients, who it continues to help, on an on-going basis. Chris and his team provide Marketing Strategy and Marketing Support Services and believe “Marketing is business development, it’s all about optimising opportunities to grow your business, through everything you say and do.”

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