3 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing

  • Zoe Gardiner

What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is a strategy that focuses on building relationships with customers that form trust over time. Relationship marketing is focused on customer retention. Higher customer retention leads to higher profits, more positive word of mouth and more opportunities. These days building relationships with customers is a huge part of marketing and helps build a good brand image. 

There are many positives to relationship marketing including:

  • Greater brand loyalty
  • Higher word-of-mouth advertising
  • Greater customer trust
  • Up- and cross-selling opportunities
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • More efficient marketing

However, in order to successfully achieve these you need to know how to implement relationship marketing into your marketing strategy.

3 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing.

1. Find creative ways to engage your customers.

Research your target market so you clearly understand what kind of content they enjoy on their feed. You can also use the insights function on your social media accounts to understand what times and days your audience is most engaged and what previous content they have engaged in the most. Engaging content could:

  • Utilise current trends
  • Use your own photos
  • Share customer experiences
  • Host competitions  

2. Perfect your customer service.

It is important in a trusting relationship to ensure you are providing the best possible customer service to your customers. The way you communicate with your customers is crucial to the success of the relationship. Here are some ways to perfect your customer service;

  • Don't outsource your customer service
  • Reply to queries in a timely matter
  • Offer solutions to bad experiences
  • Use chatbots on your website to assist customers

3. Be transparent.

When building trusting relationships with customers it is important that you are transparent with customers. If customers find out you have been hiding information about a product from them then they will not trust your brand. You could increase your transparency by:

  • Showing real customer testimonies 
  • Putting your weaknesses out in the open. Show challenges that you have overcome.
  • Showing where your products come from, and how they are made.
  • Be upfront about mistakes


By implementing relationship marketing into your marketing plan you will be able to build long-lasting trusting relationships with customers. If you have any questions or would like some help with your marketing please contact us today here.


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