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  • Chris Butler

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that shares relevant content like, newsletters, blogs or social media posts with customers to show them expertise and show what the companies’ values are. It can help develop relationships with new and existing customers.

Why is Content Marketing good?

Content marketing is proven to work as it provides a competitive advantage. Data provided by mail chimp states:

  • Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other businesses.
  • 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representatives.
  • Companies that use content marketing see approximately 30% higher growth rates than businesses not using it.
  • 72% of business to business marketers say content marketing increases the engagement and the number of leads they generate

How can you use content marketing?

Your business can generate more leads by using content marketing, by creating a case for your product or service that will assist in closing the sales. You need to ensure you are delivering the right content to your audience right from product awareness through to consideration of purchase.

Awareness stage

This is the first stage of the sales cycle. Your content should focus on your audience’s top concerns. Focus on what their challenges and questions are. The content should be educational. An example of this would be a hiking tour company making a blog post on “4 ways to choose the right hiking tour.”

Consideration Stage

The second stage of the sales cycle is the consideration stage, in this stage, your content should be a mix of information and marketing. You should educate your audience on what important features they should look for and how these functions will aid their needs. The content should be based on what your business has to offer. You could do this with case studies, how-to video’s or checklists.

Closing Stage

The final stage of the sales cycle is the closing stage. At this stage, you should focus on sales and should express why your business is the best choice. Your content should focus on expertise, knowledge and how your business is different from others. You could do this using case studies, reviews or a product video.

If you want help with content marketing for your business get in contact with the marketing studio and see how we can help you.



About Chris Butler

Chris is a Marketing Consultant and is based in Nelson, New Zealand. On moving back to his hometown of Nelson after a stint in Australia, Chris identified a service in the market place to assist business owners and managers with their marketing effort. He saw first-hand how many business owner/managers didn’t really have the time to plan or implement their promotional activity to its full potential, and although they knew their trade very well, were not experienced in marketing. The Marketing Studio was created to fill that need and has a comprehensive growing list of clients, who it continues to help, on an on-going basis. Chris and his team provide Marketing Strategy and Marketing Support Services and believe “Marketing is business development, it’s all about optimising opportunities to grow your business, through everything you say and do.”

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