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E-News and your client database

The young and old are beginning to switch up the way they read the news. Setting up an effective database and enabling an E-News component to your online marketing is something that is here and now.
E-News is a fast and easy way to communicate and engage with your clientele.
Whether you’re voicing sales, sharing blog posts, or showcasing new changes internally with staff hires and promotions; dependant on the type of industry you are in, communicating with your database can be a game changer.

Benefits of having an up-to-date E-News database:

  • Reduce time organising emails
  • Become more efficient and targeted with your marketing
  • Give you access to further engagement data: Who is reading and engaging with your E-News? Who is buying what products? Who should you contact for a consult?
  • Improving the quality of the information you send out

But what exactly is E-News, and how can you use it to your best advantage? Thankfully – this is one marketing step that is easy to apply and manage. E-News, or Electronic Newsletters, are used instead of writing letters, spending excess money on advertisements, or even just compiling a generic email! You can instead send out an appealing newsletter to all of your current and even prospective customers telling them all that they need to know. Web applications like MailChimp have made the whole process so user-friendly.

As mentioned, your database does not need to be set up with your customers only. During a process we previously discussed (Prospecting Blog), while you are connecting with prospective clients, grab their business card and add them to your list – stay in touch and keep them informed. That way, if they are ever in need of services/products such as yours, you will be the first that they reach out to. Enabling a ‘Sign up’ option on your website and social media posts will also allow you to see who is genuinely interested in you and your business.

The only real negatives to having a database is having one that is outdated; with old email addresses, incorrect phone numbers and undeliverable postal addresses. Or something has seriously gone wrong within the software and all of your sales are connected to the wrong clients. Basically, a database is still something that needs to be managed. Like anything, it requires care and frequent use for it to be effective. You cannot just set it up and expect it to maintain itself! If your database is credible and up-to-date, you will have a powerhouse of relevant information and access to clients like you have never had before.

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