Is your website mobile friendly?

  • Zoe Gardiner

Most people these days have a smartphone and would spend a fair amount of time on it browsing the web and social media. Most people would spend more time on their phones than on their laptops or computer. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Have you thought much about how your customers look at what you offer? They are likely browsing your website from their smartphones. Do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? Websites that are mobile-friendly render their content in a manner that is easily readable for smartphones or tablets. These websites also include similar features to a standard website, such as navigation, search options and share functions. 

60% of google searches are done from a mobile phone. This emphasises how critical it is to ensure your website is mobile-friendly as otherwise, you could run the risk of 60% of your target market finding it difficult to read and use your website.  To have a mobile-friendly website you need to have a responsive design. This means your design automatically scales to fit the size of the screen that it is being viewed on. 

If your website is not mobile-friendly the user viewing your website will:

  • Likely leave your site and head to a competitor’s instead
  • Lose faith in your brand
  • Be very unlikely to recommend you to others
  • Be even more unlikely to share your content

Don’t sit back and watch your business plummet due to having a non-mobile-friendly website. You can quickly check to see if you are already compliant with the new guidelines by checking out this free tool offered by Google. If you find you’re not mobile-friendly, we at The Marketing Studio are happy to help. All of the websites we create are mobile-friendly. Contact us here.

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