Mainstream Media

What is Mainstream Media?

Mainstream media can be described as platforms that marketers use to advertise their products and services on mediums that are accessible to the public. In the past 10-15 years, the world has experienced huge technological developments that have caused a shift in mainstream media outlets. Here, we can see a transition from using traditional forms of media to more modern and technologically savvy forms of media to cater to global developments.

Traditional Media

Traditional media has been used by marketers for decades, and it still can be an effective way to promote products and services. Traditional media forms include TV, radio, newspaper and other publications such as billboards and magazines, and these have the power to reach a broad range of target consumers. One of the challenges is that often these mediums are more expensive especially for small business and the ability to monitor their performance is more difficult than cheaper and modern digital platforms.

Modern Media

Modern forms of mainstream media have come about due to the vast developments in technology. With more people owning devices and access to Wi-Fi becoming a necessity, this allows users to instantly access online media and expose themselves to marketer’s promotions; therefore the response to modern marketing mediums can be measured instantaneously. Types of modern media include online ads, online radio and TV streaming, podcasts, and social media streaming. Modern media and the internet means that you no longer need a radio to listen to podcasts, a TV to watch television, or to buy a newspaper to read the news. This is where the real change in mainstream media can be observed, as traditional forms of media still exist, however they have expanded onto modern marketing mediums to keep up with technology.

Even though mainstream media has shifted towards digital mediums, traditional forms of media are still used by many marketers, as a sizable amount of audience still engages with TV, radio, newspapers and magazines in their day to day lives. Most marketers have to balance their use of modern and traditional mainstream media in order to reach their target markets.

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