Welcome to the start of our blog series "The Quick Guide To Marketing", we will present short handy articles in our blog each edition.. 

"Marketing is a minefield", I hear, when I meet clients. All these options and as the old saying goes..., "half of my marketing works, I just don't know which half". It's true, it's not an exact science and business doesn't just suddenly roll in because you have put a few marketing initiatives in place. Not any one medium is the golden answer. It's more about the ability to get in front of your customers with the right marketing mix that fits in with their busy lives. And not just once. You have to keep tapping on their forehead to remind them that you are there. If they are looking for a particular product or service, are you on their shopping list? And yes, we want all the customers in our market, all the time, when in reality, what you will get, is your fair share. If you get your marketing mix and service right and the product hits the mark with your customer, you'll get more than your fair share. But it takes time, good planning and hard work!

To add to the mix, we have also entered the world of the digital age. So how does this fit into the mix? Are customers still reading print and listening the wireless? What used to be clear defined lines between mediums, have gone fuzzy, with companies offering digital services to their main stream traditional business. In fact, having to change their business model to suit the introduction of digital services. 

The "Quick Guide to Marketing" will attempt to help you through the maze. We will cover such subjects as:-

  • Researching your Market
  • Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Prospecting 
  • Creating a database
  • Communications Plan
  • Choosing your Marketing Mediums
  • Mainstream Media
  • Digital Media
  • PR

And we are keen to hear from you. If you have any particular subjects or questions, relating to your marketing, please let us know. We would be happy to include them in our blogs. In the meantime, if you can't wait for me to type my next blog, please feel free to contact us to discuss your marketing strategy. www.themarketingstudio.co.nz




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6 March 202023:18

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