Getting started on Instagram for businessBy now, you probably know that Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for business. Benefits for your business being on Instagram which you may not have expected are that you can:

  • connect with customers
  • learn what people like
  • reach new audiences
  • fuel your other marketing channels
  • generate sales

Check out more about these benefits in this article: Use Instagram for business

Of course, Instagram isn’t for all businesses, and you would want to ensure it is a fit for you and your marketing strategy. If it is and you haven’t set up an Instagram account but are keen to get started, here’s some steps to get you up and running:

Firstly, you must create your account using the Instagram mobile app, not a computer. After you've downloaded the app and created an account, you can then view Instagram from a computer and optimise your profile.

In the phone app, Download the Instagram app for iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play Store or Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store. Once the app is installed, tap to open it. Tap Sign Up, then enter your email address and tap next or tap Log In with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.

  • Once the app is installed, tap the Instagram Icon on your phone/tablet to open it.
  • Tap Sign Up, then enter your email address and tap Next or tap Log In with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.
  • If you register with email, create a username and password, fill out your profile info and then tap Done. If you register with Facebook, you'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you're currently logged out.
  • Add a profile picture: You can easily add a profile photo to the Instagram app from your mobile device. Your profile picture displays as a circle, so if you’re using a logo, make sure that it’s safely in the centre of the image. The size of the profile pic is 110 pixels wide by 110 pixels deep. I usually prepare the image/logo to that size before I start setting up the Instagram account. To add, go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture, tap the blank circle by your name, and import a picture from your phone’s photo library, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Add in a bio about your business:
    Your name - whether it’s the name of your business or your actual name.
    Tell them what you do - you do something that sets you apart from anyone else. Tell this side of your brand in your bio. Explain what makes you unique.
    Make your bio interesting - your bio should reflect that fun side of your personality/business.
  • Use keywords: target your audience and niche this will help users better understand who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Include your website link: If they are interested in your business they can go to your website and find out more about you.
  • Find people/businesses to follow: Now that you’ve created your Instagram account, you’re ready to find users to follow. Go to your profile tab and select Find Friends. Here you can search for friends that have connected their Facebook and Twitter accounts to Instagram. You can also search by name, username, or tag. You can also follow other businesses, celebrities or people whose photos you admire. Following interesting people is a great way to get inspired.
  • Post your first photo: To post your first photo, simply tap on the camera icon in the middle of the bottom menu of the app. You can then either snap a photo or choose one from your gallery. Once you choose the photo you want, hit Next. From there, you’ll be able to apply filters and adjust the photo in other ways. Finally, you’ll be promoted to add a caption, tags, and at mention people and don’t forget #hashtags!

Here’s some tips to get familiar with Instagram.

Posting photos to Instagram is normally done via your phone or tablet, however there are third party apps you can use, such as Gramblr, which is a desktop application that allows you to upload pictures or videos on Instagram. It acts like an emulator - so that you don't need a smartphone!

Instagram’s new switching accounts functionality

If you already have a personal account and/or a business account you may have heard that Instagram has now bought in the ability to switch between multiple accounts (up to 5) – which we couldn’t do before – you had to sign out of one account and then sign in under another account.

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty happy about this, and was straight in to set it up. Initially I couldn’t find the “Add Account” option, but once I signed out and signed back in – Hey Presto! It was there.

For those of you wanting to add multiple accounts on Instagram see below instructions or visit Instagram for details.

How to be able to switch accounts on Instagram

You’ll find Instagram’s new account switching functionality a far better way to manage your business and personal accounts.

So there you go, a quick guide on how to get started on Instagram. If you want to find out more or have assistance setting up your account and tips on how to use Instagram, why not contact us, we're happy to help!